VBH Capillary Thermoplastic Hose

Smooth bore thermoplastic textile reinforced hose with a special anti-abrasion, heat and weather resistant black cover. For use in system connection between compressor and control units (pressure gauges, sensors, control valves).

- part number D-1010-C-02: available both loose and assembled opn required length
- part number D-1010-C-04: available assembled on required length

For loose VBH hoses (part number D-1010-C-02) are available - on request - proper pliers and snips (manual cutter) to assure field crimping without any problem.

Temperatures: -40°C / +130°C (-40°F / +266°F)
Part Number
Inside diameter Outside diameter Tolerances Min. Blend. Radius Working
  mm mm mm mm bar PSI g/m
D-1010-C-02 2.0 5.9 0.1 10 40 580 30
D-1010-C-04 4.0 8.2 0.1 35 40 580 50
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